Our Developmental Milestones

2023 - Globalisation

The company has six major business divisions, with Asia as the centre with radiating global routes. Based on bulk cargo, it has comprehensively expanded its business scale in various ship types such as for steel, grain, mineral, and chemical fertilisers. With professional staff and adequate reserves, rich port loading and unloading experience, and diversified fleet size, we strive to achieve the goal of global development.

2021/2022 - Steady Growth

  • Completed 1,427 voyages in year 2021, with transportation volume of 75.8416 million tons; Completed 1,110 voyages in year 2022, with transportation volume of 61.8603 million tons.

  • Continued to expand our fleet and kept the business increasing steadily.

2018 - Moving to Singapore

  • Relocated the business headquarters to Singapore in April 2018.

  • Building up long-term cooperation with major global clients.

  • A main leader in coal transportation. Established the developmental goal of coal transportation as the core business.

2017 - Fleet Vessel Upgrade

  • Executed huge numbers of shipment and tonnage during the difficult shipping market in 2012-2017.

  • Established own Supramax/Kamsarmax fleet.

2013 - Joined BIMCO

  • Joined BIMCO in 2013.

  • Expanded to Supramax/Panamax business sectors and added 10-20 long/short period vessels to the fleet.

2009 - First Nickel Ore Shipment

  • Facilitated in the smooth loading, unloading, and clearance of the first nickel ore shipment imported to China. Since then, with an annual transportation volume of 3 to 7 million tons, Tongli has become the major and largest transportation company in the field of nickel ore.

  • Established a stable sales network and improved company reputation.

2004 - Cooperation with Major Steel Mills and Entering the Dry Bulk Market

  • Transportation of large quantities of steel products by COA with CARGILL/STEMCO/GLENCORE and major domestic steel mills, exporting from North China to Taiwan/Southeast Asia/Mediterranean/Black Sea etc., with annual transportation volume reaching 2 million tons.

  • Major booking agent for Indonesian Iron Ore for China.

  • Established more than 10 vessels fleet for 5000-30000dwt.

1997 - Establishment of Company

  • COA N.China-S.Korea, Fertilizer/Maize/Coal/ Main Engines of HHI.

  • Certified by Both China MSA/Panama Shipping Bureau and Respective Class Societies.

  • Consecutive Voyage for Steel Products of Far east Asia.

  • Make inroads into marine transport market of bulk cargo.