Coal is an important source of energy in the world. It is divided into thermal coal and coking coal. Thermal coal is used for power generation in power plants, while coking coal is mainly used for refining. Coal is the main cargo type for Tongli dry bulk transportation. With abundant transportation experience and professional knowledge, we provide high-quality power quickly and efficiently. A total of 44.7724 million tons was transported in 2023. The advantageous route is Indonesia/Australia-China/India/Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia-China has the most thermal coal.


Minerals are mainly divided into metallic ores and non-metallic minerals, which are important sources of industrial raw materials; Tongli mainly transports metallic minerals, including iron ore, bauxite, etc., with a cargo volume of 6.1524 million tons in 2023. Its advantageous route is Australia-China.


Building materials include cement clinker, cement, SLAG and GYPSUM, which are widely used in infrastructure development in developing countries; Tongli transported 2.9044 million tons of such goods in 2023, and its advantageous routes are Southeast Asia-Indian Peninsula and the Middle East.


Agricultural products are an important source of human survival. Tongli has transported cereals including wheat, corn, soybeans, etc., and other categories like cassava, sugar, soybean meal, etc. Our freight volume in 2023 was 1.7463 million tons. Although it accounts for a relatively small percentage, we have rich transportation experience in this area, meeting customer requirements in all aspects such as cabin inspection, protection, loading and unloading, etc. We cover major grain routes in the world such as North and South America, the Black Sea, Southeast Asia, and China.


Coke is mainly used to smelt steel or other metals, and usually has a large SF value. The 639,300 tons of coke transported by Tongli in 2023 were mainly transported by HANDY-SUPRAMAX ships, and the advantageous routes are China/Japan/Middle East/Indonesia.


Tongli has also shipped different cargo categories, which includes ALUMINA, fertilizers, and steel. Our ALUMINA business volume continues to grow steadily as major aluminium companies increasingly have Tongli to transport by HANDY ship type. Its advantageous routes are the Middle East and Southeast Asia.