About us

After 25 years of development, Tongli has established itself as a group company, and has been widely recognised by the industry. In order to be more competitive in an ever-changing industry, and to provide our customers with more efficient services, Tongli Group transferred its headquarters to Singapore, the shipping centre in the Asia-Pacific region, on April 2018.

With its efficient government, mature legal system and open policies, Singapore plays an important role in global trade, finance, and shipping. Headquartering in Singapore allows Tongli Group to have greater room for development in the future.

Tongli will be able to take advantage of the spot market to potentially lead the regional chartering market, and while it grows with customers and meet global trade needs through bulk chartering and fleet management, we aim to simultaneously develop into a large-scale professional and efficient shipping service provider. We strive to attain this by adhering to our mission consistently, to achieve outstanding and customer-satisfying results as much as possible.


The Singapore office is currently designed to do all the chartering businesses, with the China offices providing consultation, customer service and logistics support.

Fleet Operations

Fleet operations are mainly implemented at Singapore: entire fleets including owned vessels, bareboat vessels and time chartered vessels will be managed by the Singapore office. Functions are also further extended to financing and ship registration.